Pascale Pollier-Green

I am a biomedical artist. My work is research-based, I make observations, I experiment and take notes, I draw, paint, sculpt. The internal and external human body in all its diversity, life and nature in all its beauty, strength and fragility, disease, mortality and death - all this and more is what inspires me. I'm working for and with a wide range of disciplines; the medical and scientific professions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, publishers, TV, theatre, film, and I also collaborate with and work for other artists.

The materials I work with are clay, plastoline, sculpey, wax, oil paint, silicone, epoxy resin and polyester, human hair and other natural materials, graphite pencil, ink, watercolour, Photoshop and Illustrator, etc... I work on a Mac. New technologies and philosophies are my allies; quantum physics, nanotechnology, animatronics I find very interesting and these elements are slowly seeping into my work.