Sculpting human anatomy in Sculptris workshop

The aim of this class is to give the participating delegates a basic understanding of the 3D modelling program Sculptris and how to convert 2D drawings of human anatomy that they made at the British Museum, into 3D digital models. At the end of the workshop I expect the delegates to have learnt how to observe 3D sculpture and draw it using the guidelines of proportions provided at the lesson, then replicate it as a 3D Sculptris sculpt from the drawings. This should give the delegates a good understanding of interpreting 3D objects for digital sculpting.

The delegates will be drawing from the sculptures of human figures from the British Museum. They will be drawing the sculptures from set angles of anterior, posterior and lateral as well as any oblique angles they require to appreciate the form. The delegates will have over 2 hours of drawing time so they can gather all the relevant material they need. This will help them appreciate large 3D objects, together with their perspective and volume.

A3 drawing pad
callipers needed for drawing at the British Museum
Plus drawing boards if not too heavy

They must bring a laptop with Sculptris already installed

Lesson Description
This will offer the delegates a unique look at using 3D modelling software possibly for future work. This lesson should seamlessly take them from the traditional art of drawing a 3D object (in this case a sculpture at the British Museum) to sculpting in digital clay.

Monday 16th November

10:00 – 11:00: Meet up at the British museum and go through how to set up their drawing studies. Drawings of the sculptures need to show a 360 degree view to ensure a complete 3D sculpture. Suggested drawing views of the sculpture to be; anterior, posterior, both lateral sides and at least two oblique views. Drawings only need to be sketches to show the proportions, shape, negative space, etc

11.00 – 1:00: Drawing

1:00 – 2:00: Lunch

2:00 – 2:15: Head back to RCS

2:15 – 3:45: Discussion about Sculptris and how to convert drawings into a 3D Sculptris sculpture

3:45 - 5:00: Delegates work on their own pieces with guidance from tutor
The resulting sculptures should be simple interpretations of their original sculptures but have all the form and shape. Delegates will complete the rest of their training in Sculptris over the following workshops or in their own time.